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Aromatherapy Massage

aromatherapy-massageWhat is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is one of the oldest forms of natural healing using powerful and healing plant essences (essential oils) and massage to help stimulate your body’s healing and immune system. Aromatherapy is one of the most pleasant, effective and beneficial treatments of natural healthcare, with no side effects, if carried out by a properly qualified therapist.

What happens during a treatment?

I take a full consultation on your first visit so that I get to know how you are and how best I can help to improve your health and well-being, physically and emotionally. I then select a special blend of Essential oils for your physical and emotional needs. The oils have wonderful therapeutic healing qualities that are absorbed through your skin, as well as amazing aromas. The oils can trigger chemical reactions in the brain to either relax or invigorate you depending on how you would like to feel after the session. Massages vary in length from 45 minutes up to 100 minutes for a full body depending on the treatment you have chosen.

What are the benefits?

Massage can give your mind and body so much benefit from relaxation to having higher energy levels, euphoric feelings and feeling more awake and alert. If your system is sluggish massage will help to stimulate and balance your system. It helps improve your circulation which improves elimination of toxins and waste that causes tiredness and low energy and brings fresh new nutrients to the organs and cells to help you feel more balanced, energised and alive. Massage helps reduce physical and mental stress, aids sleep and rejuvenates your mind and body. Massage can be a really wonderful and natural tonic to your whole system.

My massage is as firm and deep as your body requires and according to your needs. I guarantee you a first class and professional treatment every time. I offer various massages from Full body to Back, Neck and Shoulders or just lower back or neck and shoulders. Please look on my ‘Prices’ page for the full range of treatments to choose from.

I highly recommend my Back, Neck and Shoulder massage + Reflexology together. It will leave you feeling completely relaxed and calm and you will feel as if you have had a week’s holiday, I guarantee. 80 minutes of pure bliss.