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Brain Gym improves grades

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Brain Gym is used in learning environments every day around the world to help make learning easier, more enjoyable and successful for all students of any age and ability. Brain Gym will help make teaching easier and is excellent to help classroom management.

Why is movement important to learning?

Babies and Children don’t move in the same way, or as much, as they did 10 – 20+ years ago. Babies are put in car seats for long periods, baby bouncers, baby walkers, prams that sit them upright etc. They lack the movement they need to make to develop muscle tone, vision, hearing, touch, balance and motor skills. We need all these senses to be working properly if we want to learn easily.

When children are at home they tend not to be so active today with electrical equipment, gaming, mobile phones etc to keep them entertained without having to move much. Playing outside, going for walks, going swimming or playing sport seems to becoming less and less.

Without movement the brain and the Central nervous System will not develop fully. This programme develops the physical aspects of how learning takes place in the brain AND the body using our Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Motor and Vestibular senses. Using specific movements is the key to improving the senses naturally and in a much shorter time period than most other interventions and with lasting results. ‘Movement is the door to learning’ says Dr Paul Dennisson, educator and creator of Brain Gym.

Like any programme, Brain Gym needs to be understood and used properly to maximise the benefits. When it is, it can make profound and lasting changes quickly. 

Special Needs:
Adults and children professionally diagnosed with having Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Behavioural challenges/ADHD and Autistic Spectrum Disorders can find wonderful support from using the Brain Gym programme. It also supports the “Gifted and Talented” as well.

How can I help your learning environment?

I offer :

  • Half day or full day training on the benefits of Brain Gym in education.
  • Twilight staff training to meet your requirements on specific difficulties
  • Staff training sessions to improve self development
  • Training in emotional stress release techniques giving immediate results
  • Consultancy to Schools offering support and advice
  • One to one sessions or group work to clear difficulties.

I will tailor-make a programme to suit your needs that will include:

  • Techniques to develop the skills of your teaching staff
  • How to reduce stress at exam time for students to obtain their best results
  • Understanding the principles of Brain Gym
  • How the areas of the mind and body relate to learning
  • How stress affects the learning potential and communication within the brain
  • Effective techniques to reduce stress in the students and /or staff quickly and easily
  • How the different learning styles can benefit from the movements
  • Movements to change behaviour positively and quickly
  • Techniques to reduce stress and raise morale amongst staff
  • How and when to introduce Brain Gym into the classroom
  • A number of specific movements that can be used in the next class
  • Assessment of Learning Dominance – This is extremely useful and will explain why a student may have difficulty in certain areas of learning and not others and to put a simple programme of movements together to help the student overcome their difficulties quickly and easily. This can be very beneficial for teachers too.
  • Experience the benefits of the movements yourself and notice the changes you can bring to your pupils.

Brain Gym can improve your end of year statistics significantly.