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Improve your ability to learn easily and confidently

The Brain Gym programme offers you the best support to develop your skills and maximise your potential in learning and any area of your life for any age group. People in Education, Business, Sport, the Performing arts and for Personal self development find Brain Gym extremely helpful in making changes to their abilities, letting go of old not-so-helpful patterns to creating a new and more efficient way to make things easier and successful.

c1c pageDyslexia is a label given to adults and children who have difficulty in achieving success in language and literacy and have various learning and co-ordination challenges. This can be as a result of the ‘neural wiring system’ in the brain and body not being connected up sufficiently from the early developmental years. This can happen for various reasons but changes can greatly support the developmental stages very simply, using specific movements. When the Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Tactile and Vestibular senses are developed sufficiently, many learning challenges will ease away and quickly for many.

This programme can support changes and help many people who are struggling and falling below expected levels set in schools, business, the arts and sport with quick and positive results. The Reflexes page will give you further understanding.

I give one to one Brain Gym sessions to adults and children at my centre. (NB, children under 16 need to be accompanied by an adult and a signed declaration stating a parent or guardian gives me permission to work with the under 16 year old).

I tailor-make each session for your individual needs. Each session is enjoyable, informative and I will help you understand why something is proving challenging and then use easy and fun movements that brings change and ease to learning and any life skills you wish. I will support any age group and ability to help develop weaknesses, boost self confidence and motivation to achieve success in any particular area you would like.

The movement in the picture is called the Calf Pump. It is one of the 26 movements that can support you with being focused, concentration and comprehension skills. It is extremely beneficial for many behavioural challenges. Releasing tension in the calf muscle can also improve speech.

The first session includes:

  • I take a full consultation to learn about you and what you would like to improve
  • I take a Dominance profile to assess what happens to learning and life skills when you are under stress. An explanation is given to help you understand the difficulties that you may show when stressed and how you can overcome the difficulties quickly, effectively and easily. This understanding boosts confidence quickly and shows you that you are not lazy, stupid or useless, as many are told.
  • We formulate a goal towards anything you would like to improve in your life or learning.
  • We follow a five step process which includes some simple and fun movements and it is the movements that create the change in your ability toward the goal you set with immediate effect.
  • You usually have about 10 minutes of growth work to do at home for about 7 – 10 days to strengthen the changes so that the goal becomes fully integrated and automatic.

Results of a balance:

  • A new neural pathway is set that will help you to succeed towards your goal, making it easier to succeed
  • Understand your learning preference and be able to improve it quickly.
  • You will feel integrated and energised.
  • Feel more confident about your abilities.
  • Have a simple technique to overcome stress.
  • Feel positive and motivated.
  • “I can’t do it” changes to “I can”.

What happens next?

The next session is usually about three to four weeks apart so that you have time to integrate the change from the previous time. Usually you have about four to six sessions and each time improving your skills further until you feel and notice complete confidence in what you set out to achieve.

Value for money?

When you know you are making positive changes to your life skills and learning ability that will improve your future life, you will know each session is extremely good value for your money. This can have a very positive effect on your future opportunities and choices.
The cost for the first session is 59 Euros for a 75 – 90 minutes. Following sessions are 50 Euros for 60 minutes.

Brain Gym can be used as a powerful learning and personal development technique to support change in any area of your life and for any age group.