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Mark Church

markphoto2Every day is a pleasure to go to work and help facilitate a positive difference to people’s lives physically, emotionally, nutritionally and academically.

I had a successful private practice in Southwold, Suffolk in the UK since 1994.  Having been coming to Malta for 50 years I decided to move and live and work on the wonderful islands where I hope to continue to make positive improvements to children and adult’s lives here.

Over the many years I have been increasing my knowledge and experience and have accumulated a wide range of natural and truly amazing techniques. There is so much to learn about the mind and body and many ways to address physical, emotional, nutritional and mental health challenges naturally. I have experienced profound changes in my skills and levels of confidence and feel passionate about being able to share and help make a difference to the lives of people who come to my centre with their challenges in health, education, business, sport or in the performing arts, so they may enjoy similar wonderful changes that can be brought about by these therapies. Many of my techniques are unique and people come from near and far for the specialised treatments I offer.

My practice offers a range of treatments suitable for everyone, from babies to seniors. You don’t have to have something wrong with you to come to my practice. Many locals and holiday-makers have treatments purely for relaxation, timeout, being pampered and made to feel special during their treatment. Making an appointment in advance is always advisable as I am busy throughout the year.

I am particularly interested in helping children and adults overcome various learning / behavioural challenges and stress, as their futures are determined by their developmental and emotional upbringing and their attitude and motivation to succeed in education. I have a very good understanding of growth and development and what can be done to help stimulate and develop the physical senses children and adults need if learning is going to be easier, adventurous and enjoyable. It is never too late to make changes that help to make life easier.

I have a huge range of simple and very effective techniques that can help improve the ability to learn successfully and have achieved wonderful results for many children in education and adults in business. Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movement Training are two extremely powerful, effective and totally natural programmes that can make a tremendous difference to the essential physical skills necessary for successful learning. If you are struggling with learning, these two programmes could make the difference you are looking for that could positively change your life. I wish these programmes were available to me when I was at school.

I also have achieved wonderful results with people who have suffered various types of brain injury, including stroke patients and CP and people with various mental health issues. For many, my techniques have greatly improved their confidence, their abilities and their lives, when the NHS has been unable to do more to help.

I find it extremely rewarding and a privilege to be able to work with people to help develop and improve their skills so they can enjoy more choices in life. For many, life can be a huge struggle physically and emotionally. I help to facilitate change for people who would like support and want to improve their lives within my range of programmes and knowledge.

I have been trained by world recognised schools and leaders in their field to be able to give each of my clients the highest standard and professional treatment, to help improve and develop their health, potential and performance safely and effectively in education, business, sport, the performing arts and self development.

I am the only Educational Kinesiology Consultant, a Licensed Brain Gym Instructor and Rhythmic Movement Training Consultant and Instructor in Malta.

My specialist training was with –

The Educational Kinesiology UK Trust (Brain Gym®)
The Tisserand Institute, London (Aromatherapy)
The Philip Salmon School, London (Reflexology)
The Kinesiology Federation, Scotland (Touch for Health)
Topping International Institute, Inc ( Wellness Kinesiology – Stress Release)
Rhythmic Movement Training, Dr Harald Blomberg, Sweden & Moira Dempsey, Australia

The aims of my business are :

  • AORlogoTo give a First Class, Professional and Confidential service
  • To provide safe, effective and natural treatments for all age groups
  • To help educate people about how they can take more care of their own health.
  • To provide parents with knowledge of how their baby develops and how they can help the process naturally.
  • To provide a first class complementary service to your doctor’s diagnosis.
  • To help people enjoy better health physically, mentally and with nutrition.
  • To help the education system reach children and adults struggling/failing in their learning.
  • To share my knowledge and skills by providing training courses for self development in education and business.
  • To help people improve their opportunities and choices in life
  • To help develop and empower people
  • To draw out the potential in people in education, business and sport

I offer treatments, classes and workshops and am happy to travel to give seminars, demonstrations and training.