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Courses with Mark

I will be running various courses throughout the year in Malta, some in the UK and anywhere else I am asked to provide training. Please click on the course that interests you and for further information about costs, venue and dates.

The courses are designed to improve the potential of anyone who would like help and is an opportunity for you to set your own goals and develop your skills at the same time.

If you would like a course in Brain Gym 101 or Rhythmic Movement Training at a venue near you and you can help me gather a number of interested people, I am prepared to travel to you. Please contact me for more details.

Both courses are movement based. I will help you understand the importance of movement relating to learning, brain and sensory development in everyone.

I would be delighted to tailor-make a programme with materials that are specific to your needs. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Areas I give training include:

  • Insets
  • Twilight training in education.
  • Teacher training to improve teaching skills.
  • Understanding the primitive reflexes related to learning and physical development
  • What signs to recognise in children relating to retained reflexes and learning challenges
  • Understanding the mind / body connection when learning
  • Understanding learning profiles of individuals and what this means to learning
  • Specialised and unique techniques for empowering people in business.
  • Specialised and unique techniques for enhancing performance in sport.
  • Unique One to One sessions for personal self development.
  • Group work with goal setting to achieve your objectives quickly and easily.

Brain Gym Courses

1 day – Overcome Reading and Writing challenges
1 day – Overcoming Behavioural Problems and ADHD / ADD
The 2 x 2 day Certified Brain Gym 101 Foundation Course

Download the application form outside and Download the application form inside

Rhythmic Movement Training Courses

Full details of the all the RMT Courses offered by the Mark Church Centre are included on our PDF brochure. These are:

2 day – RMT Level 1. (Focus, Organisation and Comprehension)
2 day – RMT Level 2. (Emotions, Memory and Behaviour)   Pre-requisite Level 1
2 day – RMT Level 3. (Reading and Writing)   Pre-requisite Level 1 & preferably Level 2                                2 day –  RMT Level 4.  (Face the Fear)   Prequisite Level 1 & 2