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One day Course to transform Reading and Writing

For parents, SpLD teachers and Learning support

On this one day course you will learn developmental movements from Brain Gym and Rhythmic Movements to provide teachers with some highly effective and simple techniques to improve any reading and writing ability and raise reading age, achieving successful results very quickly. You will have an amazing and natural technique to make a profound change to anyone who is struggling and falling behind.

Teachers from previous courses report excellent improvements, raised confidence levels and motivation from their children and say they are delighted with the valuable techniques using movements from the course and that the course was excellent value for money.

You will have a further understanding of –

  • How learning difficulties occur. (Teachers find this particularly useful and answers many questions)
  • How stress effects the ability to learn.
  • How learning takes place in the brain and the body.
  • How important it is to access the whole brain to allow learning to be easy and pleasurable.
  • How Brain Gym® can make profound changes to all learning abilities using movement
  • Learn simple movements that improve eye teaming skills, fine and gross motor skills
  • Understand why movements have an affect on the brain and senses toward learning and behaviour.
  • How any of the primitive childhood reflexes can affect learning.
  • Notice some of the signs and symptoms of Dyslexia you recognise and how to help.

After the course you will –

  • Have wonderful, simple and fun techniques to improve reading and writing skills.
  • Have an understanding of the amazing results the Brain Gym programme can successfully achieve for any child or adult wanting to improve their potential, with the quickest results.
  • Be able to raise pupil’s confidence, self-esteem, motivation and feel more positive.
  • Have learnt the four movements of PACE that will quickly relax, settle and prepare pupils to take on new learning.
  • Have some simple techniques that will reduce stress and anxiety, especially at exam time.
  • Be able to clear letter and number reversals.
  • Be able to improve eye tracking, eye-teaming and eye-hand co-ordination essential for reading and writing.
  • Be able to improve the processing of information between the two hemispheres of the brain that is essential for reading, writing and communication.
  • Have learnt how to set goals and use a simple five step process to make deep and permanent changes in their reading and writing ability and raise their reading age quickly.
  • Have a number of safe, simple, quick and fun movements that integrates the brain and the body to overcome difficulties in vision that is essential for reading and writing.
  • Notice and benefit from the movements yourself so you can experience first hand the changes that can be achieved.                                                                                                                                                       You will wonder why the Brain Gym and RMT programmes are not in every school.

I offer the accredited 2 x 2 day Brain Gym foundation training course that provides the full range of techniques to help all learning skills and is excellent value for money. This course is just a part of it. Please look on my 4 day course web page for more information. It is a very good course.

Time: 9.15 – 5.00pm                                                                                                                                                                         Cost: 99 Euros

Tea, coffee and snacks will be available. Please bring your own lunch or Cafes are within a few minutes walk.

To reserve your place on one of my courses, please ring: 7931 4508.