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touch-for-health kinesiology

Kinesiology was discovered by an American chiropractor Dr George Goodheart and Dr John Thie in the mid 60`s and is now practiced throughout the world by thousands of health professionals, chiropractors and therapists.

Our mind and body holds all the information about our health – what it likes, what it doesn’t like, what it needs, what it doesn’t need. We need to listen, notice and become more aware of signs and symptoms our body’s are telling us and make changes before we become physically or mentally unwell. Illness is when our system becomes out of balance/diseased – dis-at-ease. Pain or discomfort is a warning sign our body gives us, to let us know something is wrong. If we ignore the symptoms, it is likely we will become unwell and expect the doctors to put us right. Kinesiology is a way of tapping into our ‘energy system’ to obtain information, find and remove the stressor that then allows our own healing system to return us to a better and more balanced state of health.

Educational Kinesiology – Brain Gym

Brain Gym helps any age group and ability to achieve success in areas of your life that are proving challenging. It is a simple and advanced movement based programme that helps you access your whole brain and all the senses to make learning natural, faster and easier, clearing ‘blocks’ that so often restrict us from achieving the best we can be. Find out how Brain Gym can help you.

Touch for Health

This fascinating therapy works with the Chinese Law of the Five Elements.  Muscle testing is used to help find any physical, emotional and / or nutritional stress that may be contributing towards ill health. TFH uses simple techniques help to rebalance and restore vitality naturally. Muscles and organs in the body have been found to relate to each other so by improving muscle tone, it can have a positive effect on the organ related to it.  For example spasm or pain in a muscle may signal problems in an organ related to it and this can be corrected using simple techniques.

Testing the energy flow of any muscle with light pressure will show whether there are imbalances (stress) within the system. Between fourteen and forty two muscles can be tested to give an overall picture of how the energy of the body is functioning. By working with the various techniques, the muscle response can be strengthened and will improve the function of the internal organ related to it, and health can be restored physically, emotionally and with nutrition.

Wellness Kinesiology – Stress release

Research has shown that about 95% of ill health is stress related. This stress can be a trauma that happened from way back in the past, an inherited negative belief pattern, addiction, phobia or any other emotion stuck in the memory of the body. To improve health and well-being, this technique will help find and remove the emotional stress using quick, extremely effective and safe methods, without the need for lots of emotional counselling sessions. Amazing results can take place restoring health.

I offer very effective techniques to help you release emotional stress from any time of your life without having to talk through a painful and very upsetting issue. The result can be enjoyed immediately.

I can help you clear a phobia in just one session.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Apart from physical and emotional stress, nutrition is probably the next most important area of our health. There are many symptoms of food intolerance that are not recognised and go untreated. Sometimes drugs are given unnecessarily for a condition that will clear on its own once the food intolerance is discovered and changed from the diet. We cannot eat anything we like for long without our body letting us know by becoming unwell. If you are feeling unwell, lacking energy and can’t put your finger on why, maybe your body is sensitive to something you are eating or drinking. The things we crave and feel we cannot do without are possibly the foods / liquid that are causing the problem. They may be the hardest to give up, but if you do, the results will be worth it.