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Kinesiology – Food Sensitivity testing

What is food sensitivity?

There are many symptoms that a food/substance could be a possible cause of ill health, tiredness or lack of vitality that are not always recognised.

A Food Allergy can be a very severe, sometimes fatal, reaction that the medical profession can test for with either skin patch tests or through blood tests.

A Food Sensitivity, which may not show up through skin tests or blood tests, can be caused by a food / liquid / supplement / medication or something in the environment that the body reacts to and creates stress to the mind/body system. The more you eat or drink of the food or come in contact with a substance you may be sensitive to, the more upset it can cause your system and can be the cause of many symptoms of ill health. We cannot eat and drink everything we want without may be paying the price through our health at some point. Sensitivities can come and go depending on your level of stress and your immune system being compromised.

The immune system plays a major role in our health. Stress can weaken our immune system and with some people foods and drink can then be a further cause of deterioration and a number of health conditions start to present themselves. Mood swings, lack of energy, sleeping difficulties, skin / digestive problems, cravings, emotional upsets, headaches / migraines and many many more.

It is always wise to consult with your doctor. You could also find a practitioner who is properly qualified to help you determine if and/or which food/liquid may be causing you to feel unwell. If the medical profession have tried everything to help your condition and nothing seems to have helped, may be you are eating/drinking something that your mind/body does not manage well and may be the root cause of the symptoms.

Kinesiology can be a wonderful technique to help find which foods you may be sensitive to. I have been able to support many people with making simple changes to their nutrition, and their health and vitality has improved.

How can I help you using Kinesiology?

During your first treatment, I will take a full consultation and medical history to understand your symptoms. I may also ask you to do me a weeks diet sheet so I can see what and how much you are eating of certain foods. I will ask you to lie on the couch fully clothed. I will use muscle testing to get an accurate response from your body to the large range of foods and many other substances I carry that could be causing your ill health. If your body will allow, I can make corrections to the sensitivities by tapping specific acupuncture points on the body, which will help your body to recognise the substance and utilise it properly without having to give the food up. This may sound unbelievable, but I have had many successes with this and my clients have been delighted with the results and enjoyed better health.

Little changes can make big improvements and doesn’t have to be hard to achieve. When I help you identify the substance causing your symptoms and you enjoy better health, you won’t want to go backward. It can be that once the body has cleansed from the sensitivity after about 3 or 4 months, the body can usually tolerate the food or drink occasionally.

I support people with the following conditions:

Stress, headaches, migraine, insomnia, blood sugar imbalances, skin problems, constipation, bloating, re-ocurring infections, tiredness, sleep problems, mood swings, eczema, wind, IBS, muscular and joint pain, blood pressure problems, inflammation, poor concentration, depression, lack of energy, acne, cravings, candida, low immune system, weight loss, ADHD etc.