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Touch for Health

c2 pageStress is usually the cause of feeling and being unwell. Find the stress within the system, remove it and health will improve. Pain is a block in the energy flow of the body and is our warning signal that something is wrong.

How does it work?

Touch for Health uses specific points on the head and body that are lightly held, massaged or using the Chinese acupuncture system to bring our bodies back to health physically, emotionally and with nutrition. This therapy works with Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Law of the five Elements principles, balancing mind and body very effectively with excellent results. Testing the energy flow of any muscle with light pressure will show whether there are imbalances (stress) within the system. Testing between 14 and 42 muscles will reveal which muscles and / or organs are involved.

Research back in the mid 1960’s discovered that muscles related to internal organs of the body, and through such muscle testing could identify if the organ was functioning efficiently, helping to keep us in good health. If the muscle is out of balance, could the organ related be out of balance too? If an organ is overworked and stressed then the muscle related could be in spasm, creating pain and restricting full range of muscle movement. This could result in depression, lack of energy and vitality, poor posture and feeling unwell.

First treatment includes a full consultation. Three to five sessions will improve health.