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These are a few comments made by my clients

To Doctors:

The doctors ought to appreciate the value of your treatments as you both could do so much more for their patients, and for the NHS. I wish they had suggested you to me. Client

From a SENCO:      ‘RMT delivers dramatic results’.

I have been a practitioner in neuro-cognitive education for fourteen years, specialising in dyslexia and other learning difficulties.  I am a consultant in a primary school as well as having a private practice in my home.

I am delighted that there have been so many successful outcomes with my clients using RMT. Other methods that I used in the past rarely delivered such dramatic results.

There was a child in school with Global Delay and I arranged for a Rhythmic Movement Therapist that I had met on another course to come to the school to assess him.  The results of the exercise programme that was set were so positive that the Head Teacher asked me to train in Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT).

I started the training process four years ago, with Mark Church, of becoming a Rhythmic Movement Therapy Consultant.  I cannot express adequately how this has changed my life and work; it has been a complete revelation. Originally, I considered RMT would be an add on to my usual practice, however it is now my main therapy. I consider that I am able to offer my clients a far better service than I could before. The knowledge of the primitive reflex system is vital in helping so many people; both children and adults. By taking a very detailed history of the client, I am able to carry out investigations to discover what might be causing their particular difficulties and give them an exercise programme to integrate their reflexes or to make better connections between the different parts of the brain.  Having worked with many children in the past, I now realise that before RMT my focus was too narrow.

A child about whom I am particularly proud and pleased arrived at school at the beginning of year six, age 10.  He had a difficult home life and had moved schools several times. In terms of school, he was withdrawn and looked like an apology for himself. Academically the school considered that he would not even be on the scale for the SATs tests. At home he had poor sleep patterns including sleep walking, was fidgety and still wet the bed. Because of this, he had never been able to go to a sleepover with friends. His mother also said that his bladder problems meant that they could not go away on holidays that involved long car journeys. A paediatrician had suggested that the child had ADHD and that they might try Ritalin. Fortunately, the mother had resisted this and I asked her to try a RMT programme before going back to the hospital.

It transpired that among others the child had a retained Spinal Galant Reflex. This was responsible for many of his difficulties.  The reflexes were worked on for 3 months starting after Christmas. By Easter the family were able to drive to Spain, something they could never have done before. The boy sat the SATs and got reasonable levels in all of them. He was also able to go on the residential school trip, which he could not have done when he was bed wetting. The most exciting thing for me was that in the last week of the summer term, I watched the child run across the playground with a group of friends: he was one of the gang happy and laughing. Without RMT what would have happened to him?

Anyone in education who truly cares about children in difficulty of any kind should not hesitate to do the RMT training, especially with Mark as he is a marvellous and sympathetic teacher.     SV – Specialising in dyslexia and neuro cognitive development.

From a parent:

Since beginning our visits to the Mark Church Centre last year, my son has made huge progress which I feel is very closely linked to RMT and his work with Mark. He was finding it hard to focus in school, his coordination was not very good and his understanding and speech were behind his peers.

Spending time doing RMT every evening, with regular visits to Mark to check, develop and increase the exercises has meant that less than a year on, my son has made significant progress in all areas.  His ability to concentrate, understand and communicate have all dramatically improved and every day we notice more and more changes of this nature.  He is calmer, more controlled and physically stronger too. His writing has improved significantly and  his anxiety levels have dropped.

As soon as my son began RMT we immediately saw progress. One teaching assistant asked ‘Are you doing anything different with him?’ because the calmness that came upon him was so noticeable.  This academic year the teacher has been ‘impressed’ with the way he settled back to school after the holidays and he is now needing less and less support at school.  I can tell the staff are surprised by his progress because just a year ago he was struggling so much to be part of the lessons.

Mark is a very talented therapist who demonstrates skill, patience and expertise in guiding my son and helping me to help him. His advice and support have already been considerable and I would strongly recommend any parent looking for ways to help their child progress to contact Mark.  Sarah C.  Parent

Things are going very well:

We switched from the Earl Soham to the Norwich practice you recommended and Giles went a few times. I think Neil (?) found a few kinks here and there, but nothing dramatic. We followed your dietary ideas just before and during his exams (he did a reduced set with most creditable results give the appalling circumstances) but were unable to conclude anything. I would be quite keen to do some formal allergy tests when we can, now the dust has settled.

His first term as a full-time boarder at Oundle has gone well. No headaches, no settling-in problems, academics going pretty well (he was settled in the middle of a very large school), and this term appears to be fine so far, with him making the B Rugby team (out of 6). The transition has been more difficult for Belinda than Giles, but she is making progress too.

So our news is good. I think you will be very interested to hear that Giles did a learning disabilities test along will all the other Oundle intake, and was diagnosed as not requiring any specific learning support. He is delighted with this of course, and so am I. I am convinced the work we did with you made a difference here, and the kinesiological message that it is a developmental issue that can be dealt with is a very positive one, especially relative to the orthodox view which seems to be that it’s a permanent “problem”.

Kind regards, Mark B. Parent & Scientist

From a tennis coach:

Dear Mark,
I write with pleasure to inform you of the great success I have had using the Brain Gym techniques with my tennis students.

As you know I am a full time certified tennis professional that predominantly works with children. I teach all ages (3 years upwards) all standards and also special needs children. I predominantly work on a one to one basis, but also work with squads and my local schools.

I have observed massive changes in the student’s ability to concentrate and apply themselves to the tasks I set after using the Brain Gym techniques. I set a realistic task and view the outcome, I then request my students to go through the PACE technique slowly, I reset the task, I normally observe around a 90% increase in their ability to achieve the task, this only happens when they have fully committed to doing PACE properly without distractions.

Individually it is easier to achieve this outcome than in a group as you can monitor them closely, however if the individual is committed it is successful every time. I am selective in who I have asked to participate in Brain Gym as it requires an open mind that is willing to look beyond the normal field of learning.

Below is a list of some of the student’s comments and feelings after using Brain Gym,

• Learning becomes effortless and easy. • Sound and vision are dramatically increased. • Time and speed seem to slow down. • Movements feel smooth and rhythmical. • Focus and concentration is very easy. • Outside distractions do not interfere with their thoughts. • A relaxed calm workable attitude is present.

I am very grateful you have allowed me to use some of your Brain gym techniques in my work as tennis professional and my students are also. Many thanks.
Justin P.  LTA & PTR certified tennis coach.

From a writer:

‘I’ve been going to Mark for about 15 years, for relief from stiffness brought on by my lower back scoliosis, as well as for more general aches and pains brought on by life’s many stresses, or simply  the sheer hard sedentary work of writing books! I’ve come to love the reliably generous and comforting atmosphere of his clinic, as well as his inspiringly holistic approach to whatever I present him with. I’ve never gone in and not come out feeling better, and that feeling of wellbeing has usually lasted. I can’t think of a better recommendation than that.’ J.M.

Fear of flying:

For some years I had been suffering with a fear of flying. I then had a truly bad experience with a plane having engine failure and having to to return as an emergence to the airport. Subsequently I had panic attacks when flying which didn’t respond to my GP’s medication.

I went to Mark and he spent one session using tapping and eye movements. Since that one session, I have been able to fly and actually enjoy the experience. I am so grateful to Mark for his gentle kindness and skills in helping to enjoy travelling and holidays again. MM. Suffolk

Feeling under the weather:

Mark worked quickly and efficiently to discover where I was needing help and suggested using rhythmic movements. Since my session, and working with the movements at home, I have noticed an improvement in my energy levels, I feel much more relaxed about everything and much more able to focus and get things done. Physical problems I have been annoyed by for the last five years have also improved massively.

I would heartily recommend mark to anyone who is feeling ‘under the weather’. A fascinating experience to see how Mark works and I feel very grateful to have benefited from his wide knowledge. TP. Norfolk